How to Choose a Web Analytics Tool: A Radical Alternative (1)

Avinash heeft hier vandaag een erg interessant bericht over gepost.

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As you can imagine choosing a web analytics tool is a critical process because whether you choose right or wrong you will be usually stuck with it for a while. Also because we tend to overstate the importance of historical web data (a post coming on this one of these days) it is quite likely that a quickie divorce will not be in the offing.

So in a world where choosing a web analytics tools seems akin to choosing a wife / husband / significant other, this blog post offers a radically different recommendation on how to choose your mate, sorry web analytics tool.

Summary: The current process of choosing a web analytics tool is fundamentally flawed. Why change the process to Implement Free -> Learn -> Upgrade Analytics Skills -> Fix Data Capture -> Evaluate -> Now Choose?

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