Interview met Eric T. Peterson over moeilijkheden meten Web 2.0

Interessant interview op blog van E-consultancy met Web Analytics veteraan Eric T. (ja vergeet die T niet) Peterson. Het gaat bij Web 2.0 vooral om het meten van events in plaats van page views.

In a nutshell, what are the challenges associated with measuring Web 2.0 traffic? A lot of what is really important is happening either a) off the ‘website’ proper, such as RSS or b) below the level of the ‘page view’.

The former creates a challenge because, well, it’s hard to measure stuff that is out of your control. The latter because so many of the web analytics applications out there treat the page view as canonical.

Ask yourself: what about AJAX applications allowing multiple user ‘events’ without a page reload? What about podcast ‘listens’? What about people who are tremendously loyal to your content but never visit your web site? What about mash-ups like Google Maps? The list of challenges Web 2.0 is creating for us is long, to be sure.

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