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Dear readers,

My name is Martijn Verstrepen. After nearly a year of silence things are going to change here at Web Analytics Facts. Jethro has indicated that he could no longer find the time to actively blog and that he was looking for a successor. Therefore I have offered Jethro to take over Web Analytics Facts and bring new life to this weblog.

Starting October 1st I will be posting articles to this weblog on a regular basis. These new articles will be focused on web analytics best practices, tips & trics and industry news. I would very much love to actively discuss these articles in the comments and I am always interested in hearing suggestions for topics, improvements and enhancements to this weblog. You can reach me at

In the coming days I will try to publish my first article and a small biography of myself for those of you interested in knowing more about me.

I would like to thank Jethro for all his hard work on and dedication to this weblog and wish him all the best with his future endeavors.

Kind regards,

Martijn Verstrepen

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